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Episode 103 - A Separation

This week, we watch the highest grossing Iranian film ever, and also the first Iranian film to be awarded with an Oscar for the best foreign picture of the year. Realistic tension is the mood sought here, and the actors do an outstanding job realizing this, making for an uncomfortable yet engaging watch throughout. A Separation (2011), directed by Asghar Farhadi.

Episode 104 - Metropolis

This week, we watch the first full length science-fiction film ever made. Its influence is seen in almost every sci-fi movie in the past 100 years, and it is still being restored to its original version to this day. It’s easy to see where Star Wars, Blade Runner, and hundreds of other classics got their ideas from. Metropolis (1927), directed by Fritz Lang.

Episode 105 - 3 Idiots

This week, we watch the Indian film that broke through to Chinese audiences for the first time, with positive messages on education, pressure, choice, marriage, and suicide. This film successfully tackles very serious topics, while remaining funny for its nearly 3 hour runtime. Aamir Khan steals the show as Rancho. All is well! 3 Idiots (2009), directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

Episode 106 - All About Eve

This week, we watch the wittiest film about the theater ever written, according to many critics . The screenplay was created by the brother of the man who penned Citizen Kane, and this film exists thanks to a little healthy competition between siblings. Lets count how many times the word “Theater” occurs in the 2.5 hour runtime….All About Eve (1950), directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

Episode 107 - The Hunt

This week, we watch Mads Mikkelsen earn his Cannes film festival award for his portrayal of a school teacher who has to deal with false accusations made by a young student of his, and the fall out from the towns population who won’t listen to anything they don’t want to hear. Not to be viewed when you want to be in a good mood. The Hunt (2012), directed by Thomas Vinterberg.

BONUS EPISODE - It: Chapter 2

27 years later and Pennywise is back. The second and final act of the It series, this film casts some legitimate movie stars as the older versions of the kids from Chapter 1, and is also tasked with bringing this epic tale to a close - An ending that the readers of the book (as well as characters in this movie) will tell you isn’t very good. The question people will be talking about for years to come is: does this movie close the It saga better than Stephen King’s own words did? It: Chapter 2 (2019), directed by Andy Muschietti.


Fall is here, the season for Halloween and all things horror! We are de-railing from the list once again to prepare for the upcoming It: Chapter 2. We watch the first film this week, which focuses on the younger character story, and brings to screen the same kind of childhood adventure that the film adaptation of Stand By Me captured decades ago, only this time with a murdering clown named Pennywise. It (2017), directed by Andy Muschietti.

Episode 108 - Yojimbo

This week, we watch the film that laid the ground work for the Clint Eastwood spaghetti Westerns, and all the following films that took influence from them. An out-of-work Samurai finds himself in the middle of a violent, two-sided town, where he starts pitting each side against each other for….fun? More of a popcorn film that Kurosawa’s other epic masterpieces, Yojimbo (1961) would be a great starting point for someone looking to get into The Master’s work.

Episode 109 - Batman Beings

This week, Christopher Nolan demonstrates that you can take a comic book character seriously: with some big Hollywood names, a big budget, and an emphasis on visual effects (as opposed to Computer Generated Imagery). Join us as we watch 2005’s Batman Begins: the movie that arguably paved the way for modern super hero movies.

BONUS EPISODE - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino has a new movie out, so naturally we all ran to the theater to see it opening week. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio are an on-screen duo for the ages, and are all but guaranteed to receive lots of love come awards season for their portrayals of a stuntman/actor buddy duo in 1969 Los Angeles. Once upon a Time in Hollywood (2019), directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Episode 111 - Good Will Hunting

This week, we watch Matt Damon and Ben Affleck become stars. They act the hell out of the script they co-wrote together, and Mini Driver and Robin Williams each give one of their best performances as well. The Boston movie that put Southie on the map. Good Will Hunting (1997), directed by Gus Van Sant.

Episode 112 - Some Like It Hot

This week, we watch what many consider to be the best comedy of all time. Two men witness a mob hit, and to survive being rubbed out themselves, they have to dress up like woman, join an all female band, and accompany them on their trip to Florida. Silliness ensues. Some Like It Hot (1959), directed by Billy Wilder.

Episode 114 - Unforgiven

This week, we watch Clint Eastwood’s last Western, and the one that landed him the Oscar for Best Picture. Clint does his usual (and great) scowl and gravel-y whispering, but instead of the violence playing out like in an action movie, it is given a weight that almost flips all his previous genre movies on end. Gene Hackman steals the show, eating up the scenery as Little Bill. Unforgiven (1992), directed by Clint Eastwood.

Episode 117 - Raging Bull

This week, we watch true story of Jake La Motta, one of the toughest boxers to ever step into the ring. With only 9 minutes of boxing in the 2-hour-plus runtime, this film focuses on the rage and jealousy that Jake experienced with his second wife as well as his brother. Robert De Niro’s most raw and physically demanding performance. Raging Bull (1980), directed by Martin Scorsese.

Episode 119 - Die Hard

This week, we watch the only action movie that features a scene of a man running across glass in bare feet and also plays repeatedly on Christmas. Jumpstarting a blockbusting film series as well as Bruce Willis’ career, this film balances comedy with graphic, violent action in a way that still holds up strongly today, even if the hairstyles don’t. Die Hard (1988), directed by John McTiernan.